COVID-19 Policy

Keeping our staff and customers safe

We are delighted to inform you that we’re opening our beer garden on Saturday 4th July and every weekend until further notice. We are looking forward to welcoming you again, and have put the following procedures in place to keep our customers and staff safe: –


• Friday 4pm until 9pm, Saturday 12pm until 9pm, Sunday 12pm until 9pm.


• If you or a member of your household is showing symptoms of Covid-19 please do not come in.
• Please use hand sanitiser upon entry into the garden.
• The garden benches are 2m apart for your safety, please do not move them.
• Please stick to your own household/bubble on your table.
• If you are catching up with people outside of your household or bubble, please do not sit together on tables and do not gather in groups of more than 6 people and ensure you socially distance.
• Please follow social distancing when talking to others in the beer garden.


• There is a one-way system in place. Please enter through the side gate next to the barn and exit by the toilets.
• When we reach capacity we will let you know. You are welcome to wait at the front of the pub (observing social distancing) or come back another time.


• Please keep 2 metres apart in the queue when ordering drinks at the designated outside bar area.
• You will need to provide us with your contact details for the NHS Test and Trace system, we will keep this data for 21 days if needed.
• We accept both cash and card payments.
• There will be a screen and tables to divide staff and customers when ordering.
• Please avoid touching or leaning on the bar area and remain at your table where possible.


• No food will be served during this time, only packet bar snacks.
• Please do not bring your own food to eat on the premises.


• We will be keeping the facilities well ventilated by fixing doors open where appropriate, this will also reduce touch points.
• Please use wash hands and use hand sanitiser provided.
• Toilets will be regularly cleaned throughout the day with a visible cleaning schedule.
• Toilets are accessible through the side entrance of the pub, the main pub building will remain closed.
• Only one person will be allowed in the gents and ladies at one time (unless you are accompanying your child).
• After you have finished please leave the exit gate and come back through the entrance.


• Please discard your litter in the bins provided.


• Please bring appropriate clothing and umbrellas in the event of adverse weather conditions. We are not able to provide tents for cover as per government guidelines.
• Please do not seek shelter in the toilet area.


• Dogs (except guide dogs) are not allowed in the garden.
• Dogs are only allowed at the benches outside the front of the pub.


• We have a risk assessment which is reviewed daily to ensure it is Covid-19 secure in line with government guidelines.
• As the situation changes, we will adapt our procedures accordingly and inform you of these.


Please contact us via social media or 01233 750354 if you have any questions.